one pan chorizo alfredo penne

hi guys! This recipe was so much fun to work on. I was challenged to create a fusion dish with flavors inspired by Latin and Italian cuisine so I decided to make a slightly spicy penne pasta tossed with chorizo and Alfredo sauce topped with fresh Parmesan, diced tomatoes and cilantro. Chorizo meat as well as cilantro are both ingredients that get a lot of love in traditional Latin dishes while Alfredo sauce, Parmesan cheese, and roma tomatoes are often found in Italian dishes. The flavor combination here is SO good y’all. Just make sure you give this dish a try when you’re planning on having a cheat meal, ha!  I mean we all deserve to splurge a little (or a lot) right?! Oh, and did I mention that this whole dish is prepared using  one pan? Little dishes with lots of flavor is a winner in my household! I hope y’all enjoy this dish as much as we did! 
INGREDIENTS:4 oz. penne pasta, I used Barilla 1 cup Alfredo sauce, I used Barilla9 oz. beef or pork chorizo, ground1/4 cup Parmesan cheese1-2 roma tomatoes, dicedsmall handful cilantro 
DIRECTIONS:Cook penne per box instructions, drain & set aside. Add chorizo meat to empty skillet – cook per instructions – about 7-10 minutes over medium heat until fully cooked. Spoon meat into a small bowl leaving most all the fat behind in the pan (there will probably be a lot). Drain fat into a disposable can or tinfoil lined bowl (same as bacon you don’t want to pour the fat down the drain, it will clog over time). Add cooked penne, alfredo sauce, cilantro, and chorizo meat back to the drained pan. Heat while stirring all to evenly coat penne noodles. Top with diced roma tomato and parmesan cheese. Serve & ENJOY!

*The development of this recipe was sponsored by Barilla. All opinions, recipe, and photography are my own. 

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