Have y’all ever tried making your own popcorn? It is seriously so much easier than you might anticipate – plus a lot better for you as you can control how much oil, butter, seasoning, etc… is added. Not to mention it’s fun and only takes about as long as waiting for a microwave bag to make. Have I sold you yet?! This time around I used a tiny popcorn variety and a garlic jalapeno spice blend to make a fun snack with a kick to pack and take to work as snacks. 
INGREDIENTS:3 tbsp oil, I like using avocado oil due to it’s high heat tolerance. 1/2 cup popping corn kernels1 tbsp seasoning of choice, I used McCormick’s Garlic Jalapeno blend. 
DIRECTIONS:Cook popping corn per instructions on bag. (Typically heat 3 tbsp oil over medium / high heat with a few kernels in the pot until kernels pop. Remove from heat, add in the rest of your kernels, put a lit on the pot, add back to heat and shake pot a little as all the kernels pop. Remove from heat as soon as it slows to a few seconds per pop). Keeping the lid on is key, otherwise you’ll get popcorn all over your kitchen 🙂Remove from heat and pour popcorn into serving bowl. Sprinkle seasoning over the popcorn and shake up. ENJOY!

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