Meal Planning

meal planning

Choosing what recipes to make and having the grocery list to match can be time consuming and stressful. I handle it for you, making sure that your weekly plan is completely customized to your preferences.

Why to outsource meal planning?

  • Save money and waste by providing me feedback of what you need to use up, I’ll incorporate it in your next plan or provide tips of what to do with it sooner.
  • Enjoy well balanced meals that consider local seasonility.
  • Any feedback you provide is saved in a database to make sure your meal plans are more personalized to your preferences with time.
  • Meals you enjoy are sourced from all over, with a minimum rating of 4.5 stars, or have been personally vetted by me.
  • Shop local and avoid packaging waste from meal kit deliveries.
  • Plans can be provided to you in any format you want.
  • Week to week flexibility based on your schedule. Are you hosting friends or family? Do you need to gaurantee leftovers certain nights based on a busy schedule?
  • Option to add on service to load a digital grocery cart.
cooked food in stainless steel plate

What Clients Are Saying


Luca is just wonderful! I highly recommend her to anyone. Her meals are tasty, well-rounded, and thoughtfully chosen based on my needs and the season, her directions are easy to read and include a picture, and having a grocery list ready to go each week is truly life-changing. She’s prompt and communicative and very easy breezy when it comes to suggestions and feedback. It’s just been a fluid and effortless contract, will never turn back.

Stacey A.

British Colombia, Canada


Highly recommend Luca to anyone needing help with meal planning. I needed a special 21 day liquid diet put together for a post-op requirment and Luca put togoether a very thoughtful plan making sure I get a balance of nutrients each day, could meal prep and hit enough calories to stay energized. She was timely, professional and easy to work with and I would gladly hire her again!

Mark N.

California, USA

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If you’d like to get a quote for meal planning services, or have any questions, I’d love to hear from you below!