Creamy Cheesy Dungeness Crab & Mushroom Risotto

This recipe is an all time favorite of mine, brought over from my previous blog Simply Delish Eats. Risotto is much simpler to make than you may think though. While the timing and keeping an eye on the dish while cooking is a bit of a labor of love, it’s not technically difficult, I promise you can do this. One of the reasons that I decided to take the plunge last year on renaming and recreating a new website under the name Forks and Vines is I wanted to be able to go out of the boundaries of what you make consider “simple eats”. While quick easy dishes are a staple around here on days I feel lazy or have been busy, I also love dishes that are a little more complicated and decadent. This risotto is the perfect crossover, it’s a dish any skill level can accomplish, yet sure to really impress whoever you are feeding. And if it’s just for you, that is A-OK. Treat. Yo. Self. 

Like any recipe I make, I always try to convey how you can make it your own. I know everyone’s flavor pallets are different. The crab flavor is pretty dominant in this dish. If you don’t love crab or have a seafood allergy, lower the quantity or omit entirely! I’ve made this while Whole Foods had a dungeness crab meat sale (often can be found pre shredded at the store too)! If it’s overly pricey, that could be another great reason to tone it down that night. As for the wine, all the alcohol cooks out, but if you have an aversion to cooking with wine, increase your chicken broth by 1 cup instead. The flavor will adjust slightly but it will come out just fine. If you don’t like mushrooms, you can skip those too. 
My feelings don’t get hurt if you make adjustments, in fact I’d love to hear in the comments any switch ups and how they worked for you! With that being said, I think this dish is absolutely perfect as is. It’s rich, is creamy, it’s cheesy, it’s crabby, it’s perfect with a glass of white wine, it’s everything I need on a treat yourself kind of night. Let’s get to it! 


Dungeness Crab & Mushroom Risotto


  • Add your 5 cups chicken broth to a sauce pan and turn on low / medium heat. We don’t want it to boil and steam out just to be slightly warmed.
  • ​While chicken stock is warming add butter and finely chopped shallots to a larger skillet over medium heat. Saute for a couple minutes and then add sliced mushroom and minced garlic. Continue to saute over medium heat until shallots caramelize become clearer and mushrooms soften.
  • Add in your arborio rice dry. Stir up for just a second so it is evenly coated and mixed with butter and veggies.
  • Add in your white wine and ladle one cup of the chicken broth into the skillet. Cover and reduce heat to low.
  • Stir occasionally and as rice soaks up the liquid add a little more of the broth at a time. This will take a while 20-30 minutes… be patient! Allowing the arborio rice to slowly soak up all our wine and broth is what gives risotto that nice soft and creamy texture.
  • When you are down to about a cup or two of your broth go ahead and stir in the crab meat.
  • After you have transferred the last of your broth to the skillet add in your parmesan as well as some salt & pepper to taste. Keep over low – medium heat uncovered at this point, stirring until all liquid is absorbed / evaporated and you have a nice creamy texture.
  • Remove from heat serve, and enjoy!


This recipe makes 2-3 servings for main course or 4-6 as a side recipe. Full recipe is as pictured in a medium/large skillet. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is BOMB! I would use my dungies on this anytime. -BWilliams

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