Skillet Potato, Asparagus & Sausage Topped with a Fried Egg

Easy, healthy, delicious and doubles as either breakfast or dinner — does it get any better than that? This dish starts of with browning sausage and then pan frying potatoes, asparagus and later adding in diced onion and mushrooms to get the perfect texture and flavor. Topped with a fried egg for added protein and to get that yolk drizzle all over the veggies, because what’s better than adding egg yolk to a meal??? Okay, maybe there are better things but it is really, really good. Serve morning or night for a healthy but still fulfilling and flavor packed meal. Or do what I did what I did and make extra for dinner so that you can have dinner leftovers for breakfast, you’ll need to do is fry up a fresh egg in the morning! 

Skillet Veggies & Sausage


  • Brown sausage in a large skillet over medium-high heat when fully cooked set aside on a plate but leave any grease in pan.
  • While sausage cooks chop your vegetables. Asparagus into 1-1 1/2 inch stalks potato sliced into 1/4 or narrower wedges/slices, onion diced and mushrooms into narrow slices.
  • Add 2 tbsp olive oil to pan with leftover sausage grease and add in asparagus and potato pinch of salt & pepper and your parsley if using. Keep over medium high heat continuously stirring. After 5 minutes add diced onion to pan and continue stirring. After another 5 minutes add sliced mushroom. If you need another small drizzle of olive oil at this point (I did), add another teaspoon or so. You want there to be enough in bottom of pan to slightly coat mushrooms as you keep stirring. Cook another 5 minutes or until mushrooms brown and soften.
  • Turn skillet heat down to low and stir back in sausage.
  • In a separate skillet fry your eggs. I find best to heat a small splash of olive oil over medium high heat and wait until pan is hot. Add eggs and flip after about 30 seconds and let cook another 30 seconds. Everyone likes there eggs a little different, I prefer nice and yolky so a quick sear in a hot pan on either side does the trick.
  • Divide veggie/sausage mix on to plates top with fried egg and drizzle hot sauce if desired. Add another pinch of salt and pepper for flavor if desired as well.


​So often sticking to an exact recipe isn’t necessary, in these instances I always like to share how you can adjust and get similar results!
  • This recipe makes 2 servings, easily adjust to your needs.
  • Use any kind of sausage you want, add more if desired for a  more hearty meal. Or add another egg!
  • Omit certain veggies or adjust quantities to your liking. 
  • I love the flavor of parsley with this, but omit or use your favorite seasoning!
  • Hot sauce optional for flavor. 

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