Thank you Cameron Hughes for sponsoring this post. Capture the celebratory spirit of the holidays, and toast to the season with Cameron Hughes wine!

Can y’all believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away? That means it’s the perfect time to throw a relaxing Friends-giving before the real turkey day shows up. I love the idea of “friends-giving” (basically Thanksgiving with a group of friends) because it always feels so relaxed, no pressure, and it’s all people you choose to celebrate with. Not that we don’t all love every member of our family, but like they say you choose your friends. It’s nice to celebrate and be thankful for them too! Oh, and another great perk? A second Thanksgiving dinner. I mean come on it’s the best meal and it only rolls around once a year, why not make it worth while by getting another meal out of it?! Lastly, I’ll take any excuse to open up some good wine to share with friends, and I think Friends-giving is a pretty darn perfect excuse. 
For my dinner this year I’m serving up an assortment of Cameron Hughes wine to everyone. I’m so excited to talk about this wine because their concept is beyond fabulous. They’re a private label brand based in Napa and they essentially partner up with some of the great Napa wineries to bottle up some of their wine and sell it under their own private label. Think Costco, but for Napa wine. I mean come on. Great wine doesn’t have to be expensive and by putting the Cameron Hughes private label on the wine and keeping the source secret they are able to sell it at an incredible value to the customer, aka YOU. There’s something so satisfying about drinking a wine you know for a fact that you paid less for than someone else out there did, am I right?


Outdoor dinner, serving up Cameron Hughes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. This trio is the perfect assortment in my opinion. You’re offering your guest a nice white as well as a a couple red options – Pinot Noir for something light and Cabernet Sauvignon for a more full bodied flavorful option. 










Can we also talk about the table details here? I don’t talk about it often on my blog since it isn’t food or wine related, but I LOVE interior decorating. Especially during the holidays. For this Friends-giving I went with my favorite November color palette which incorporates winter whites and greens while staying true to fall details including leaves and pumpkins. I’m pretty much ready to decorate for Christmas the second Halloween is over every year, but I try not to be that person and to enjoy the month of November celebrating fall and Thanksgiving before I go there. Some of my favorite details from this table layout are below!








Keep the wine flowing after dinner with some good conversation around a fire, maybe get some games out, and just enjoy the evening. Nothing beats good vino and good company! 


Below are my two favorite appetizers, recipes via link, that we served up that paired great with the wine! 





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