Naan Margherita Pizza

If you have never tried making pizzas on naan bread I am so glad you are here because it is so good and needs to immediately become a staple recipe ~ super easy and always fun to create your own individual pizzas for nights with friends or family and naan typically makes the perfect size for individual pizza! It’s pillowy but not super heavy tasting like a thick crust pizza. Gets a perfect golden brown without tasting too crunchy. It’ really just crust perfection that you can buy already made. 


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Crab & Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

Crab rangoon (puff) meets jalapeno popper — OMG. So good y’all. I’ve been a long time fan of jalapeno poppers (I know i’m not alone here), typically stuffed with a blend of cream cheese and cheddar, and always wrapped in bacon. I had some leftover crab meat I was trying to decide how to use up, Jason had brought home a bunch of jalapeños and here we are. I don’t know if I’ll ever plan to make these poppers without crab again you guys. Creamy cheese, crispy bacon, spicy jalapeno and real crab meat — 4 ingredient appetizer that is guaranteed to be a hit, if you’re even willing to share. 

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Sautéed Salmon with Avocado & Cucumber Salad

I’ll just start off by saying this recipe is already one of my favorites I’ve developed. The flavors and ingredients are inspired by one of my all time favorite sushi rolls. Give me simple fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber with some lemon, dill and a spicy mayo and I am in heaven…. but just to be clear we’re not calling this at home sushi. This may be an unpopular opinion but as someone who appreciates a good roll so much, when I hear “sushi bake” I cringe a little. The flavors all work great with sautéed salmon, which has in some variation or another become an at least once a week staple in our house. 

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Creamy Parmesan Basil Noodles with Pistachio Crusted Salmon

Creamy pesto noodles are one of my favorites, and typically I prefer to use pistachios to pine nuts. You can find my pistachio pesto recipe here. I decided to try go get in all those flavors here in a different way. Pistachios and olive oil coming in on the crusted salmon, and parmigiano reggiano and basil in the noodles. I notably did not use a lot of basil here, as I used what I had fresh from the garden, but you could certainly add a lot more! Garlic cooks into the roux we use as our sauce base along with salt & pepper to bring it all home. We get all the pesto ingredients deconstructed into this dish and let me tell ya, it. is. delicious.

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Parmesan Lemon Butter Noodles with Roasted Pesto Shrimp & Vine Tomatoes

I would eat pasta every. single. day. if it didn’t mean an extra trip to the gym each time. Pasta is simply the best. These parmesan and lemon butter noodles are as simple as it gets, topped with even easier roasted shrimp coated in pesto sauce and finished off with roasted cherry tomatoes that burst in your mouth and add oh so much flavor. We’ll start this dish by roasting the tomatoes & shrimp, then boil noodles which will get tossed with reserve pasta water, fresh lemon juice, butter and some parmesan. Creamy without being too heavy. Flavorful but not overpowering the shrimp and tomatoes. The three together make for the tastiest combo! 


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Baked Flour Tortilla Chips

These flour tortilla chips are so good and so easy! Although we’re not making the tortilla from scratch on this recipe, just baking up the chips yourself is a fun alternative to grocery store bought and a great way to use up excess tortillas in your house.  The key here is to find fresh tortillas that are as small enough in diameter so your chips are a good size. The rest is easy peasy! 

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Cucumber Sushi Boats

Sushi is probably what I would pick if I was given only one thing to eat for the rest of my life. It. is. the. best. Sure, there are lots of other things I absolutely love, but sushi is the one that I love the taste, and how I feel after just as equally. That is if you stay away from the overly fried and saucy rolls. Anyway, I know this isn’t exactly a sushi dish. In fact after my travels to Japan a couple years ago I’m hesitant to call anything other than sashimi or fish over rice true sushi… the rolls are really a pretty American thing. Even here in France, rolls are not very common, even though sushi is one of the most prevalent types of restaurants I see! However, unless you are a sushi chef or know where to buy the sushi grade fish, it’s not the easiest thing to make at home. Trust me, I’ve done it. I actually made what I would consider restaurant quality rolls  just one time, but between finding the fish and getting the rice right it was an all day project… and honestly, who has got time for that?! That leads us here, to these cucumber rolls with shrimp and crab that kill that sushi craving but are super easy to put together. 

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Herby Chicken a la Maryland

I am so excited to be sharing this Chicken a la Maryland recipe for so many reasons.​ For starters and most importantly it is absolutely heavenly tasting. It combines flavors you may not have put together before, like fried chicken in sautéed bananas, and it works in the best and most surprising way. It’s an easy recipe, but sure to impress, after all a version of it was served to the Titanic’s first class passengers. Which leads me to the historic rabbit hole I went down on this recipe which was so fun to learn about. As some of you may have read in prior posts, I recently purchased a book called “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Taste of France” by Carol Hilker which highlights many of F. Scott Fitzgeralds favorite dishes from his travels through France in the 1920’s. It’s been so fun to read for both inspiration and historical anecdotes. 

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Creamy Cheesy Dungeness Crab & Mushroom Risotto

This recipe is an all time favorite of mine, brought over from my previous blog Simply Delish Eats. Risotto is much simpler to make than you may think though. While the timing and keeping an eye on the dish while cooking is a bit of a labor of love, it’s not technically difficult, I promise you can do this. One of the reasons that I decided to take the plunge last year on renaming and recreating a new website under the name Forks and Vines is I wanted to be able to go out of the boundaries of what you make consider “simple eats”. While quick easy dishes are a staple around here on days I feel lazy or have been busy, I also love dishes that are a little more complicated and decadent. This risotto is the perfect crossover, it’s a dish any skill level can accomplish, yet sure to really impress whoever you are feeding. And if it’s just for you, that is A-OK. Treat. Yo. Self. 

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Overnight Cheesy Hashbrown & Egg Casserole

Yes, that’s right, I said overnight breakfast. You know what that means? You get to wake up, pop this in the oven & serve a great breakfast with zero morning time prep work. It is so easy to put this together the day or night before you want to bake it and get all your prep work and dishes out of the way so you can just enjoy your morning. I particularly love this recipe for holiday mornings. You’ve got enough to worry about on holidays like focusing on your main meal of the day and spending time with family so anything you can do the day before is always helpful! I also love overnight breakfasts because let’s be honest, if you’re having any sort of party out or at your house, a stress free comfort food breakfast will be real nice to wake up to, especially if you had one too many cocktails the night before. Whatever your occasion this is sure to be a family favorite…. I mean what’s not to love about cheesy egg & potato all combined together?!

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