Roasted Serrano Pepper Salsa

Chips and salsa is one of my absolute favorite snacks… like when bottomless chips & salsa are served before dinner you can guarantee my appetite for my actual meal is in danger, can anyone else relate here?! When it comes to salsa I’m a the hotter the better kind of girl, so when my fiance brought home a bunch of fresh serrano peppers I knew we had to try our classic salsa verde with serranos subbed in for jalapeños. While serrano’s are a smaller hot pepper they pack more heat than a jalapeño, but still quite a bit less than a habanero or extremely hot pepper making them perfect for a tolerable hot salsa. (If you aren’t an extra spicy lover, no worries, I have directions to make more mild below)! 

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Jicama Shell Crispy Shrimp Tacos

Jicama shell cilantro and lime fried shrimp tacos, y’all. Need I say more? If you’re unfamiliar with jicama it is a root vegetable native to Mexican and Central American cuisine. It’s packed with nutrients, high in antioxidants, low calorie and heart healthy making it a great addition to your diet. The crunch and very soft flavor in the jicama root pairs perfectly with shrimp and cilantro lime flavors used in this recipe. 

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Everything Bagel Avocado & Cucumber Salad

This salad is EVERYTHING ~but the bagel~. I’ve become such a fan of using this seasoning on lots of things beyond just bagels, one classic being avocado toast, so figured why not try on an avocado salad. With a little added coconut aminos and ginger this salad is light, healthy, super flavorful and guaranteed to be a new staple for me, especially since it is so easy and quick to make!

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BBQ Turkey Cheeseburger Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are such a fun, easy, and relatively healthy light meal. We make them pretty often as they’re full of ingredients you can clean out your fridge with, and we get loads of peppers from Jason’s work! ~Quick side bar, my fiance works for a vegetable development company and they have gardens where they are constantly growing and testing varieties, so lot’s of yummy veggies, especially peppers come our way, which is awesome, I don’t even have to do the gardening, ha! ~ Anyway these bbq sauce urkey cheeseburger peppers, drizzled with a bbq mayo sauce are SUPER easy to make and perfect for a light summer dinner! 

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Honey Granola Sautéed Peaches

As you’ll hear me mention in many posts, I love to work with in season produce. It’s often a major factor in deciding what recipes to develop for the week! This summer, I have been ALL about peaches. Last week I made a peach & brie grilled cheese and honestly I’m still drooling every time I think about it. SO GOOD. This recipe has been one of my quick go-tos this summer. It tastes similar to peach cobbler but has so much less added sugar, and takes like 10 minutes max to make. It’s perfect to serve over vanilla ice cream – hello perfect summer dessert! – and the leftovers will remain in the fridge for a couple days if you want to spice up your morning yogurt, cereal, etc. 

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BBQ Chicken Mini Tortilla Flatbreads

A few years back I made a bbq chicken “skinny” pizza using flatout wraps as a base, which were SO easy and delicious ~ they have remained on of my top pinned and saved recipes to date. While I know flatouts are still for sale, I haven’t seen them nearly as often at my local grocery stores, so wanted to come up with an easy and more universal alternative. (If you linked here from the flatout recipe I am archiving that post, this is the same with a new base — if you find and want to use flatouts, go for it)! I used tortillas as a base for these which is so fun because you can slice and eat like mini flatbreads OR fold up and eat like a taco. 

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Pesto & Hot Honey Crispy Chicken Sandwich

This might be one of my favorite things I’ve ever made ~ no exaggeration. It’s the creative child of three of my favorite chicken sandwiches ~ (1) chick fil-a’s classic, (2) Whataburger’s HBCB (honey butter chicken biscuit) breakfast sandwich, which I can no longer get living in California, and (3) IKE’s deli fried chicken that has both pesto and honey incorporated. This will beat any fast food chicken sandwich you can get and takes only 15 minutes start to finish — does not get much better! 

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Pistachio Pesto

Pesto is one of my very favorite things to make, maybe partly because it is something I learned to make young and was something more elevated I felt like I’d mastered (even though it couldn’t be more simple). I loved to make pesto dishes for people through college which were really the years I experiment more with cooking, but pesto I knew I could do and everyone liked. It is so easy, so fresh, and so yummy! I love that it involves lots of good ingredients (not necessarily low cal) but full of good fats and nutrients. 

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Crispy Prosciutto, Peach & Burrata Summer Salad

I can’t stop, won’t stop with both peaches and burrata this summer. Best part about this salad though? Pan fried prosciutto! So easy and delicious if you haven’t tried before — cooks similar to bacon but quicker since it is so thin. The salty crispiness of the prosciutto mixed with the sweetness of the peaches and creaminess of burrata makes for the most mouth watering summer salad. Dressing is an easy and creamy homemade balsamic vinaigrette which pairs perfect with all ingredients and is extremely easy to make ~ although is of course unnecessary if you already have a dressing you want to use.  

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